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The NYC Penalty Relief Program for Homeowners and Business Owners is a three month program that allows owners and business who have defaulted on NYC Environmental Control Board (“ECB”) Violations and a hearing was set before May 1, 2009. Default violations can be cleared by paying the base fine. Late fees, penalties and interest will not have to be paid. If you have a compliance violation (a ECB violation associated with a condition that can be corrected), the condition will need to be corrected before you can participate in this program. The most common violations taken from the NYC Department of Finance Website are:

1. Dirty sidewalk 2. Illegal posting of a handbill or notice 3. Vending in a restricted area such as a bus stop or within 10 feet of a driveway, subway, crosswalk, etc. 4. Vending merchandise or food without a license 5. Failure to restore a street cut 6. Failure to properly post permits 7. Sidewalk obstruction 8. Street closing without permit 9. Failure to properly separate recyclable materials 10. Unlicensed mobile vendor

Once you apply and your information is received a case number will be assigned. A list of default violations will then be sent with the total amount due and the reduced amount needed to be paid to resolve the debt. You should apply soon as the application must be filed by December 21, 2009.

Good luck!

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