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Who I am


Philip J. Lavender is a New York State licensed attorney experienced and specializing in all facets of real estate. He has over fifteen years legal experience as a real estate attorney representing purchasers, sellers, corporations, banks, landlord, tenants in countless numbers of sales, financing, business and leasing transactions. Phil regularly represents clients in connection with drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements, loan documents, leases, investment entity structuring, and the Sponsors of condominium projects. He is a graduate of St John’s University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School.


Why I do this


Phil recognizes the diversity of obstacles that his clients face throughout the life of any deal.  No two clients are the same, and in order to offer viable solutions and meaningful counsel Phil works to first establish an understanding of the needs and goals of his clients. With that background, he can determine where and when his input is most valuable and offer creative alternatives to help his clients make informed decisions in order to fulfill their needs and achieve their goals. At difficult critical points throughout a deal, Phil will present specific options for his clients to consider and approaches problem-solving in ways that will minimize and manage the potential risks.  Phil understands how much is at stake for the people he works with and treats their priorities as his own.  He also believes that decency and professionalism have a place even in demanding and high profile real estate and transactions.


What I do


In addition to his law practice, Phil Lavender maintains an active presence on the internet by publishing his blog and launching a website, Offering Planet, an online collection of offering plans for condominium and cooperative buildings. These sites have been launched as part of his ongoing commitment to provide information in an easy accessible way in an effort to educate the public and make the process of buying/selling real estate more transparent.

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