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I came across this interesting article at the NY Times website. A worried homeowner would pay this company between 1-2 percent of the house’s current value (apparently payable over time) and you are assured of getting back the value at the start of the Contract. There are catches. The house has to be your primary residence and you are required to own the house for 2 years after the start of the contract. It seems like the fee is determined on where you live. The greater the declining market value (as determined at the time of the contract) the larger the fee. I do not know how stable the company is or what assurances you can get that it will be there when you sell your house. It is not insurance and therefore not regulated by state insurance regulations. In light of the number of short sales I deal with, this may be a very helpful product. It is certainly something worth exploring. . .

Here is the link to the article

Visit: for more information

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