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Updated: May 21, 2018

I knew there was a lot of development going on the west side but not to this extent. An article in Curbed ( shows 33 projects in the works within the Special Hudson Yards District, which stretches roughly from 30th Street to 41st Street and from Eleventh Avenue to Eighth Avenue.

In articles (the above as well as others), it seems as the area will be served by the 7 subway line, Amtrak and a greenway.  I am curious how the city will be able to get access to this area through public transportation unless you are walking, on the 7 subway line or traveling on Amtrak. Will there be shuttle service to Time Square, Penn Station and the Grand Central Terminal? I am assuming there will be bus service into the area and of course taxi cabs but getting into the area from other subway lines may be pretty inconvenient.

I can only assume it will be a long while before the proposed projects are completed and the infrastructure is fully developed.  It will be a long walk  during the winter months.

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