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Yes I am talking to you.  I know you are tired of seeing posts about the Do Gooder award (remember the movie Groundhog Day?) but this is the last day to vote for Jed Marcus. It’s important you (and anyone you can get) go and vote.  After the voting ends tonight at midnight, judges will award a $5000 grant to one of the top 5 vote getters. We are hoping to get a very impressive number of votes to demonstrate to the judges that our environmental efforts enjoy strong, committed support in the neighborhood and among our friends.

The easiest way to proceed is instead of going to the Do Gooder home page go directly to Jed Marcus’ nomination page:

Then Click “Vote for this Do Gooder” to the right of the picture. You will then be prompted to either log in or create an account. Once that is done, your vote will be acknowledged on a white screen. Close the screen and you can vote 4 more times.

Email this to ALL OF your friends and family. For each vote that he receives, Jed will send you a pony.

Just kidding, Jed doesn’t have that many ponies.

Seriously, a big thanks goes out to each and every one of you that voted. The response received shows that people really do care about the environment and the community. It gives a person hope.


Phil Lavender

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